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"...the woman who is a scandal to Christiandom, and a disgrace to you"

Anne Boleyn studies
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This community is for the discussion of Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry VIII. c.1502-1536. It is open to anybody who has any Anne Boleyn-ish intrests, theories are welcome, any ideas basically. Book suggestions, Anne Boleyn in the news, portraits, opnions, articles, poems, stories...I don't care, "fan fiction" if anybody ever writes any!!

Though; The Dreaded Rules:
1) Most importantly, always bear in mind everybody is intitled to their own opnions, and everybody no matter what deserves respect. PLEASE no flaming or anything likethat. Any aspect of Anne Boleyn's life can be debated, so of course that is not "not allowed" infact, encouraged, just do it in a kind manner.
2) Anne Boleyn. Only. There are other communities for other aspect of Tudor England, if this community actually gets big, I think I might expand to something more like about all of Henry's wives, but for now, just Anne. Nothing too far off, though I'm not to strict.
3)No asking for help on high school/college essays. There is such a thing as honor codes at school and I don't want to be one to violate those. Do the work yourself. Advice on resources and things of that nature are fine, but nothing further.

Thats about it! This is an incredibly relaxed community, like I said earlier, I'm not strict at all. I really hope this community takes off and is enjoyed, thanks so much for reading!!!